Cleaning with a Difference

Are you seeking a reliable cleaning services provider? Look no further than us!

ACS: The Origins

At Anointed Cleaning Services, you get a wide range of cleaning services, customized to suit the needs of each client. We are your one-stop shop for cleaning services, ensuring you receive professional, dependable and efficient services.

Launched in 2001, we bring experience worth a decade and a half to the table. We are cleaning experts, and we give you the chance to benefit from our experience and expertise. Founded by Valerie Tatum, Anointed Cleaning Services caters to residential, commercial and construction clients.

Green and Clean

We have a team of experienced technicians on board. Each of our employees is highly trained and has the requisite certifications from OSHA. With Anointed, you can rest assured the people serving you know their job.

As a company, we believe in ‘green’ cleaning. We are concerned about the health and safety of our clients and employees. We also care about the environment. If you want environmentally friendly cleaning services, just ask us and we will use only green products.

Our Winning Formula

At Anointed Cleaning Services, we deliver our services based on what we refer to as Our Winning Formula. Regardless of the nature and scope of your job, we use our winning formula to deliver what you need, which is based on four key factors:

  1. A highly skilled and well trained staff, to serve our clients in the most effective and efficient way possible, to minimize the risk of error and guarantee the best quality
  2. High quality products, to ensure there are no harmful side effects or toxicity as a result, to minimize the safety hazards on site
  3. Attention to detail through streamlined processes, which means using the right methods and the right equipment and products
  4. Customizing our services to suit each client, working closely with you to create a plan to fulfill your requirements

As an added bonus, we guarantee the work will be completed within budget and the given deadline.

If you want to learn more about our services, contact us right away!